Membership Pricing

Barton Hills Country Club Membership Pricing

General Information

Our membership year is based on our fiscal year, December 1 - November 30. There are no application fees. All initiation fees and dues are billed after the membership invitation is accepted, not prior. All fee will be pro-rated based on the date of membership. Fees and payment options vary based on the membership category.

Financial Requirements

New members are required to pay an initiation fee, dues and in certain cases, to purchase an equity share in the Club. The amount of the fee, the type and price of the equity share are dependent upon the membership classification. All members are subject to an annual minimum use charge for food and beverages. All fees are subject to change from time to time, and all of which are payable in accordance with the Club bylaws, rules and policy.

Initiation Fee

The initiation fee is a fee that provides for the privilege of membership. This fee may be a one time payment or you may elect to a payment option plan if offered based on the membership category.

Equity Share

All resident members are required to purchase an equity share which is redeemable at the time of the termination of the membership. The equity share provides for voting privileges.


Membership dues are an annual fee that may vary from year to year. The dues are used to offset the operating expenses of the Club. Dues may be paid in an annual, semi-annual or monthly installments. There is a discount offered to those who elect to make an annual payment.

Capital Dues

Capital dues are an annual fee that may vary from year to year.  These dues are used to offset Capital Expenses incurred by the Club.

Food & Beverage Minimum

All members have an annual (January - December) minimum use charge for food and beverage ($1,200.00). Actual expenses are billed monthly based on usage costs. At the end of the calendar year (December 31) actual expenses are deducted from the required minimum. If the required minimum balance has not been met, the difference is post billed on the January statement to meet the required minimum.  Minimums do not include tax and gratuities, sponsored functions or special pick up orders arranged through the kitchen.

User Fees

Additional user fees may or may not be charged based on member preferences. Optional fees include: pool guest fees, locker room fees, bag storage fees, guest green fees, cart rentals, caddie fees and/or driving range fees.

For current membership fees, please contact the Club, or call 734.663.8511