Banquet Policies

(Effective January 1, 2016)

General Information

For your guidance in planning your party, we have developed this package which we hope will assist you in your planning and in knowing the charges involved.

Member and member sponsored parties are welcome at Barton Hills. An application for use of the banquet facilities may be requested from the Catering Director after a date has been selected. If the application is not returned within two weeks, the date will be released.

If the event is sponsored, the sponsoring member should plan to attend the event and guarantee payment of charges incurred. An itemized statement will mailed to the host following the event. Prompt payment is appreciated and will avoid all late charges.

Room Reservations

Banquet venues may be reserved 18 months in advance for sponsored events and 36 months for member functions.

Barton Hills Country Club reserves the right to change the room, or rooms, as specified in the contract, if the number of guests changes, or if deemed necessary by Barton Hills Management. In addition, a Food & Beverage Minimum may apply.

Initial Deposit

A non-refundable deposit to reserve space in our Banquet Rooms varies by the day of the week. Please review the following deposit requirements:

Friday or Saturday for Ballroom (includes all three banquet rooms):
  • $2,000.00 for members
  • $4,000.00 for non-members

All other days require a deposit of $750.00 per room.

General Food and Beverage Information

Special Room Fee
:  additional fee charge for use of the following room(s) in conjunction with our Banquet area:

  • $250.00   to use the Catalpa Room
  • $250.00   to use the Grill Room
  • $250.00   to use the Bar
  • $100.00   to use the Locker Room(s)
  • $100.00   to use the Lower Grille

All Food and Beverage must be supplied by Barton Hills Country Club with the exception of cakes for special occasions. Due to the health standards, food is not allowed to be taken out of the facility.

All prices are subject to change. Costs can be confirmed no more than (3) months prior to the function; provided all details are finalized before new prices are in effect.

All food and beverage service is subject to a 20% gratuity charge and 6% sales tax.

Guarantee Policy

Menu and Beverage arrangements will need to be made thirty (30) days prior to your function along with an estimated count to be finalized fourteen (14) days prior.

A guaranteed number of guests and seating arrangements must be received no later than four working days preceding the date of the party.

You will be billed for your guaranteed count or the actual number of guests, whichever is greater.

Payment in full is due immediately following the function, or if all charges are not known at the time, immediately upon presentation of an invoice by Barton Hills Country Club ("BHCC"). If payment is not made as required, then you (the parties contracting for the event) shall pay a late charge of eighteen (18%) percent per year (1 1/2 % per month) on the amount due and unpaid plus any attorney's fees or other costs of the collection incurred by BHCC.

Food Service

One Menu should be selected for all guests. Limited dietary substitutions can be made in advance.
  • For parties of less than 100 guests, no more than three Entree choices are available at a $2.00 per person additional charge.
  • For parties of 100 or more guests, no more than two Entree choices are available at a $2.00 per person additional charge.
The following procedures must be followed:
  • A final guarantee count 4 working days prior to function with the final entree count.
  • A place card will be at each setting clearly indicating entree selection on the front of the card.

Beverage Service

All persons must be 21 years of age and with valid identification to be served alcoholic beverages.

Persons who become visibly intoxicated will not be served.

All laws under the "Michigan Liquor Control Act" will be upheld and enforced, including - All alcoholic beverages (liquor, beer, wine) must be purchased from Barton Hills Country Club.

The Management of Barton Hills Country Club reserves the right to refuse service and or close bars at its own discretion.

Bar service is not to exceed 5 hours We recommend ceasing alcohol service a half an hour before the music/entertainment ends.

Special Service Fees

A charge of $4.50 per person provides our regular linen, room set-up, and providing Valet parking service on site. This charge is mandatory and will be applied to all special event parties.

Coat check

In the winter months, coat check is available for $50.00.

Equipment Rental

On any equipment rental such as chairs, platforms, odd size tables, or any other equipment which the Club does not own, an automatic rental fee based upon charges to the Club will be added to your bill.
  • Flip Chart     $ 25.00
  • TV/Video     $ 50.00
  • LCD Unit     $100.00
  • Piano            $100.00
  • Speaker Phone $ 50.00
  • Screen          $ 25.00
  • White Folding Chairs/each $ 2.00

Table Linen

Should you desire a special color fabric not available through the Club linen service, we will be most happy to try to secure it for you. Thirty (30) days notice is needed and the rental fee will be added to your bill.

Additional Service Charges

  • Outside Bar set up fee               $250.00
  • Onsite Ceremony                      $250.00
  • Furniture moving fee (up to)    $300.00
  • Tastings: Maximum of 4 guests. Based on the availability of the Chef. No tastings on weekends. Will take place no sooner than 4 months prior to the event. Fees will apply.
  • Any expense incurred toward the repairs, or excessive clean up of Club property after a private function will be assessed appropriately.

Other Policies

Flowers, Decorations, etc.

Flowers, decorations, place cards, wedding cakes, bands may be brought into the Club. The banquet facilities will be available for florists or decorators two hours prior to the scheduled guest arrival time. Decorations are not to be attached to walls or tied to lighting fixtures.

Wedding Receptions

Due to potential safety hazards, the throwing of rice, bird seed, etc. is not permitted. Thank you.

Exit Time

Not to exceed 1:00 a.m.

Prior to the event, items will be accepted on a limited basis with advance management approval but Barton Hills Country Club cannot guarantee their safekeeping.

All personal property is to be removed within 48 hours after the event or it will be deemed abandoned. Barton Hills will not be responsible for the storage or safekeeping of items after this time and may dispose of them as necessary.

Barton Hills Country Club reserves the right to inspect and control all functions.

To print a copy of the Barton Hills Country Club Banquet Policies, please click here.