Golf Events & Tournaments 

As a private club, the traditions associated with our member golf events and club championships continue to provide enjoyment and memories to all the participating members.   From the novice to the club champion, we believe we offer something for everyone in the family.


  • Golf Tournaments including: Spring Stag, Member/Member, Bona Prieskorn Senior/Junior Event, Stroke Play, Senior Championship, Tom Cole Champions Derby, The Tradition, Sweepstakes, Men's Club Championship, Simmons Cup, Fall Stag
  • Men's Invitational: member - guest event
  • Men's night
  • Father - child tournament
  • Golf & dine guest day



  • League play, 9 Hole & 18 Hole - opening breakfast, closing luncheon & awards
  • Golf tournaments including: Cile Cissel Event, Simmons Cup, Women's Club Championship (9 Hole/18 Hole)
  • Women's Invitational:  member - guest event
  • Mother - child tournament
  • Golf & dine guest day


  • Golf & dine guest day
  • Couples' Mixer Twi-lights
  • Husband/wife championships (9 Hole/18 Hole)


  • Junior golf program
  • Junior championship
  • Family fun day
  • Parent - child tournaments


  • Multiple level tees
  • Family fun days
  • Parent - child tournaments