Guest Information

Welcome to Barton Hills Country Club

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Barton Hills Country Club as our guest. We are proud to offer you a quality Private Club experience that is consistent with standards of excellence in dining and services, and upholds the traditions of the great game of golf. Whether golfing, dining, or socializing, our goal is provide every guest of the club with an enjoyable visit and a memorable experience. For your enjoyment and comfort, we ask that you kindly observe the Club policies adopted by the members of Barton Hills Country Club:

Smoking Policy

Barton Hills Country Club is completely smoke free, including all patio areas.

Mobile Devices

The use of cell phones is not permitted in the clubhouse dining and social areas. In respect to other members and guests, we request that you refrain or limit the use of mobile phones to hallways or locker rooms. Silent pagers are permitted. Silent and vibrating modes are acceptable in the Clubhouse and on the Golf Course.

Dress Code Policy

Our dress code has been created to provide members, and guests with a guide to appropriate dress when at Barton Hills Country Club. The dress code applies to all members, guests, and children. All members are responsible for ensuring that their guest's attire conforms to the Club policies. Club staff will advise members and their guests if their attire is not considered in compliance with the dress code policy.

Dining Room, Bar, and Outdoor Dining Areas

While dining in the Dining Room, Bar, or Outdoor Dining Areas, Members are asked to dress in a manner commensurate with the casual, yet dignified, surroundings of Barton Hills Country Club.

Crisp, tailored dress denim will be allowed year round.

No cargo shorts or pants, graphic tee shirts, tee shirts, workout clothing, or swim wear permitted.  Men's golf shirts must be tucked in (unless the type designed to be worn out).

Tennis attire may be worn in the Lounge and Veranda.

No hats permitted in the clubhouse; ladies dress hats excepted.


The Ballroom requires the same standard of dress applicable to the Grill Room, Bar, and Outdoor Dining Areas (see above).

Catalpa Room

Men are required to wear a sport coat while dining in the Catalpa Room and women are expected to dress in a compatible manner.

Golf Course

In keeping with Barton's distinguished golf course, traditional golf clothing is the accepted norm.  Clothing sold in the Golf Shop can be used as a guideline.  The dress code applies to all members, guests, and children.

Men:  Trousers or shorts are acceptable.  Shorts must meet the end of the fingertips while arms hang down.  Shirts must be traditional golf shirts with a collar and sleeves and must be tucked in at all times on the golf course.  Mock neck golf polo shirts are also acceptable.  Hats must be worn brim forward at all times.

Ladies:  Slacks, skirts, or shorts are acceptable.  Shorts and skirts must meet the end of the fingertips while arms hang down.  Collarless shirts mush have a sleeve and sleeveless shirts must have a collar.

Unacceptable Attire: Blue Jeans, athletic shorts, cargo pants or shorts, swim wear, t-shirts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, uncovered midriffs, tights (unless underneath shorts or skirt).

Swimming Pool

Swim apparel at the pool must be appropriate for a multi-generational family environment. Thong style swim apparel or similar skimpy swim wear is not permitted at the pool at any time.


Appropriate tennis attire including shirts, and proper non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts at all times.

No bathing suits, blue jeans, cutoffs, halter tops or sports bras will be permitted on the courts.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the Club policies. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit to Barton Hills Country Club more enjoyable.

Golf Visitors

Upon Arrival

Please drive directly into the clubhouse circle.  There you will be greeted by an attendant who will take your clubs from your car, tag and send them to the starting area.  Please park your car and return where the attendant will direct you to the locker room or to meet with your host.  After your round, your clubs will be returned to the bag drop area or to the trunk of your car.


We welcome and encourage you to use our full service locker rooms prior to and after your round.  You will be directed to the locker rooms by the bag drop attendant and will be greeted by our locker room staff, who will assign you a guest locker (if desired, if available) and provide any further assistance you may require.

Practice Area

We invite you to use our driving range, short game practice area, and our practice putting greens while a guest at Barton Hills Country Club.

Course Tour

To view the description and statistics of each hole on the course, please click here.

Dining & Special Events Visitors

Upon Arrival

Complimentary valet parking services may be available depending on the time/date of your visit. If valet services are available, there will be a sign posted on the main road near the clubhouse entrance. If you would like to take advantage of the valet parking services, please drive directly into the clubhouse circle. There you will be greeted by a parking valet attendant who will greet you, provide you with a claim number, and take your car to the designated valet parking area. If you prefer to self park, the main parking lot is located across the street from the Clubhouse. Please park your car and proceed to the main Clubhouse entry.

Coat Check

Coat check services are available on a limited basis. The service is seasonal and does vary for private events. If the coat room attendant is not present, you are welcome to hang your own coats in the coat room.