If you are looking to join a private club, a Barton Hills Country Club membership is one of the best investments you can make for your family and future. The Club promotes time-honored values of Honesty, Respect, Excellence and Camaraderie, with a good measure of fun. This can be found in all our activities and programs.

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Who is the Barton Hills Member...

We have a diverse membership that includes medical professionals, professors, business owners, bankers, attorneys, CFOs, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Our members are very down-to-earth, friendly, welcoming and fun-loving. This has created a warm member community that you will fall in love with.

Our members are also active in the community and participate in charity, fundraising and philanthropic activities. As part of the private country club experience, Barton members celebrate sport and the competitive spirit of excellence. This can be experienced during private tailgate events held every year to cheer on our home team, the University of Michigan, and the innumerable Golf and Tennis Programs conducted for Men, Women and Juniors.

What's the best part of the membership at BHCC?

To use a clichéd expression – "Never a dull moment"! To an outsider, BHCC may appear to be a Golf centered private Country Club. But BHCC is not just about Golf, nor is the membership for Golf enthusiasts only! Spouses, significant others, as well as children of golf lovers have so much to enjoy, experience and look forward to at BHCC! While your loved one is on the course, you will have variety of activities to keep you engaged and entertained all day long, and well into the evening.

Contact our Membership Director, Makiah Huebner, to schedule a tour today at [email protected] 

Barton Hills Country Club is a 501 C (7) tax exempt private facility and therefore is not open to public access.  Membership is by invitation only and requires sponsorship and final approval from the Board of Directors.


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